A Long-Expected Party

If you're at all familiar with The Hobbit, you'll recognize that heading. This party was a beautiful blend of casual, nerdiness, and just good fun! When Kate approached me about her idea, I loved it! I had no idea what it would look like coming together, but it was a perfect display of who these two are. There was lots of good food and drink (don't get me started on the peach cider-incredible!), laughs, dancing, and Lord of the Rings decor. Take a look!

About the Couple

Kate and Alex are some of the most nerdy and genuine people you'll know! I've known Kate for a number of years as she was one of my sister's co-workers, and my family would frequent the place they worked. I was so excited when Kate asked me to do their wedding reception. They had decided to just have a very intimate wedding and then a separate reception. This party was long in coming, and we'd been talking about it for at least a year before we had a set date. It was loads of fun, and the weather was amazing! Since we had done a couple's shoot earlier in the year, this reception was more about capturing the guests and the atmosphere. We did sneak away to get a few photos, though.

After Dark

Once the sun set, the lights were lit, the music was turned up, and the dancing began! It was a fun time by all, and I highly recommend if you want a chill party, to do something like this and create a memory you won't forget!