There is so much to think of and make sure you have ready for your wedding day! As your photographer, these are 5 things that I've found can help make your wedding day run a little smoother for both of us and help you feel confident heading into pictures throughout the day.

Clean Your Ring!

There will be tons of pictures of your ring, and you want it to SHINE! Whether you schedule a professional cleaning or clean it at home, it will make a difference during those photos. 

Collect all of Details You Want Photographed!

Your shoes, rings, necklace, earrings, veil, etc. any of your accessories that you are wearing on your wedding day put in a separate bag or box for your photographer. Other items to include could be things like a program, flowers, sentimental items, perfume, and more. Don't leave out the groom! Detail items for a groom can include things like a tie or bowtie, socks, cologne, shoes, cuff links, drinks, and glasses or other items associated with your day. Your photographer will appreciate having all of these in one spot, and it will also save you time and stress searching for them when your photographer is done using them for pictures. 

Practice Bustling Your Dress.

If you have a dress that can be bustled, it will get bustled up and down possibly multiple times during your day. Make sure your maid of honor or someone in the wedding party knows how to do it to make the transition into different moments much more smoother.

Put Your Wedding Dress on a Nice Hanger

We all hate the wimpy wire metal hangers that come from most dry cleaners and nobody hates them more than your photographer. A nice sturdy hanger like wood or clear plastic will support your dress better and look nicer in photos. As an added bonus, have nice hangers for your bridesmaids too! (As your photographer, I also come with a supply of hangers just in case to make sure your photos look great!)

Pack a Toothbrush

Take a few moments after eating your lunch or breakfast to brush your teeth a bit so you have nice minty breath for kissing and your teeth will be sparkling in your pictures. Make sure to pack one for you groom too!

There's a few tips that I have for you as you prep for your wedding day! These are a few things that I have seen from experience that are useful to do to make both of our days easier and more enjoyable!